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Which Toothpaste Is Right for Children?

Many parents are unsure which toothpaste to buy for their child for the first time. One that contains fluoride? Fruit flavors? With or without foam? Which are suitable for swallowing? Which one should you pick? Here are some answers to common questions.

Should Toothpaste Contain Fluoride?

If a child consumes too much fluoride, there is a possibility of a condition known as dental fluorosis in which white streaks or spots appear on their permanent teeth. If the amount of toothpaste used every time does not exceed the size of a green bean (or pea) and are not swallowed, fluoride toothpaste is recommended because it helps prevent cavities.

Is Foam in Toothpaste Beneficial?

Foamy toothpaste helps to carry tartar away during brushing and is removed together when spat out. However, if the toothpaste is too foamy, the residual left inside stimulates teeth and becomes counterproductive. It is recommended that a child uses toothpaste with less foam.

Is It Better to Buy a Foreign Brand?

There isn’t really much difference between a local brand and a foreign brand. The most important thing to consider is the quality. Many reputable old brands are trusted. As long as you enjoy using a particular toothpaste, whether it is a foreign or local brand is not important. Simply ensure that the brushing process is pleasant and effective.

What about Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth?

It is not necessary for children to use sensitive toothpaste. Generally sensitive toothpastes are for adults. Please consult a dentist or doctor for advice on usage.

The Difference Between Cream and Gel Toothpaste

Children are recommended to use gel toothpaste. Because of its liquid form, it is easier to dissolve on teeth surface during cleaning. Solid paste toothpaste dissolves slowly and children may have already spat it out before brushing properly.
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Which Toothpaste Is Right for Children?