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Dental Hygiene for Kids Aged 10 Years Old and Above

Should start taking care of the life-long permanent teeth to shine with white smile. Newly erupted permanent teeth may not be hard or calcified enough, giving rise to cavities, partial demineralization and stain build-up.

Encouragement from Parents

Already a teenager, parents should encourage their child to take good care of their teeth. They should use dental floss daily and brush their teeth in the morning and evening. This is the time when kids learn about grooming. Explain to them that proper oral hygiene reduces tooth stains, bad breath, tooth decay and more.

Set a Good Example

Children look towards their parents for guidance. So if you take proper oral care, they follow and your suggestions and advice will be more convincing to them.

Provide Different Dental Care Products

Equipped your home with a selection of oral care products so your kids get easy access to them. Show them how to use these products to generate their interest.

Replace Sugary Snacks with Fruits and Vegetables

If they don’t develop the habit of snacking, they won’t be tempted to eat snacks that contain artificial color, aroma, sugar and other ingredients that damage teeth.

Due to peer pressure, some teenagers may start smoking or wear oral piercings. If you see your child smoke, don't yell at him. Let him know about the risk of smoking and related possible oral problems so that the teenager knows the consequences of his or her behaviors.

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Oral Health Tips
Dental Hygiene for Kids Aged 10 Years Old and Above