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Cleaning Baby Teeth - When and How

New born babies continue growing teeth after birth just like any other body parts. The first teeth begins to grow in babies when they are 6 months old up until the age of 3. Isn’t it cute to see the 2 front teeth appear first on the lower jaw? Next, comes the incisors on the upper front and sides, followed by the lower front teeth and finally the canines and molars, making 20 baby teeth in total.

Baby Teething Chart

Baby Teething Chart

Upper teeth

A. Central incisor / Erupt: 8 - 12 months / Shed: 6 - 7 years
B. Lateral incisor / Erupt: 8 - 12 months / Shed: 6 - 7 years
C. Canine / Erupt: 8 - 12 months / Shed: 6 - 7 years
D. First molar / Erupt: 8 - 12 months / Shed: 6 - 7 years
E. Second molar / Erupt: 8 - 12 months / Shed: 6 - 7 years

Baby Teething Chart

F. Second molar / Erupt: 23 - 31 months / Shed: 10 - 12 years
G. First molar / Erupt: 14 - 18 months / Shed: 9 - 11 years
H. Canine / Erupt: 17 - 23 months / Shed: 9 - 12 years
I. Lateral incisor / Erupt: 10 - 16 months / Shed: 7 - 8 years
J. Central incisor / Erupt: 6 - 20 months / Shed: 6 - 7 years

Although milk teeth or baby teeth will eventually fall off and will be replaced with permanent teeth, it’s still important to look after them. Baby teeth are crucial, so your child can chew and speak properly. Another important role of milk teeth is to save space for the healthy growth of adult permanent teeth.

Good care of baby first teeth ensures proper positioning of permanent teeth when they grow. When a child is young, parents are responsible for taking care of their teeth. As your child grows, teach him or her to take care of their teeth properly to reduce the chance of cavities. Tooth pain caused by baby teeth and gingival swelling can affect tooth growth.

Before the first baby teeth appears,

use an infant gum massager or wrap a clean damp gauze or wash cloth around finger and softly wipe around baby’s gums.

After baby teeth appears,

clean teeth with water after each meal. As the number of teeth grows and the consumption of a variety of foods increases, use a baby toothbrush with soft bristles and water to brush their teeth twice a day.

After baby reaches two years old,

start brushing with a green bean (or pea) size amount of fluoride-free toothpaste. Teach them to brush on their own and develop this healthy habit.

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Cleaning Baby Teeth - When and How