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The Perfection of a Mother’s Touch

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The Perfection of a Mother’s Touch

The Perfection of a Mother’s Touch

Every sacrifice you make as a mother, whatever value it may be, is not something I can give back. You already put your life on the line through the process of giving birth alone, to give me this life and to enjoy its wonders in the world. As we go along, I realize you are constantly worrying about whether or not I am growing up in the best possible circumstances. There is no measure for the reality of this perfection. All of us would eventually go through own phases. Thus, you, Mom, should not concern yourself too much over this, and you should never have to compare me with others.

I appreciate all your plans and everything that you do in taking care of us. This goes without saying. There is no crevice or act that I can hide from you, and your sensitivity to those things just shows the amount of attention you give, on top of your already exhaustive care for me. Even when you are overwhelmed and contained by time, you are always watching over me every day to ensure everything goes smoothly and only offer the best I can get. Because of this, I know and I am confident you are the best person to care for me and raise to become the adult that I am.

If you are ever perturbed that my growth is not in line with my age, never hesitate to seek advice from professionals and specialist to ensure whatever you are doing is safe. Why risk gambling the future just to be contented. Your friends may be people that you can trust, but they do not necessarily know the reality of what we are going through in every instance. In the wake of your worries, go ahead and consult the doctor or pediatrician to make sure that everything is okay.

It is not wrong for you as a mother to keep track of my growth progression because you would want what’s best for your child. However, it is important to make sure that everything that is being done is safe and can be shared with others. There is a myriad of possibilities out there and it would be better for you to stay cautious to avoid any unintended incidents from happening. Sometimes your well-meaning intentions can be misused by other irresponsible individuals or it can be misinterpreted by those that are unable to relate with your happiness. Hopefully, you will be able to understand what we are trying to say so that there is no mistake later.

While your responsibilities are boundless, only you can define that satisfaction. There is nothing more beautiful than the emotional bond that can only be understood between a mother and her child. Let us relish in this life, in the moments we communicate between ourselves without uttering a single word as we seize this loving bond that is true and pure, between you and me.