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4 Ways to Spend Time with Your Child without Gadgets

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4 Ways to Spend Time with Your Child without Gadgets

4 Ways to Spend Time with Your Child without Gadgets

Gadgets have become an essential part of our modern lifestyle. There are even some two-year-olds that have already come to own and personally use some of the latest tech in the market, while still under the watchful eyes of their parents. But, would you say this is a healthy upbringing? When you consider the consequences, not only will the child be lacking in social skills, they will also be consumed in their own devices and will easily throw a tantrum when it is not within reach. This will also create a growing distance in the relationship between the child and the parents. If the thought of this terrifies you, give these four suggestions a shot to reduce your child’s gadget dependency.

1. House chores and maintenance

There are plenty of things you can do with your child at home to keep them off their mobile devices. This includes doing laundry, tidying up the house, and even gardening. Not to mention tasks that involve water like washing the car and watering the plants. Kids will certainly be thrilled at the chance to take those on. You can even provide a small incentive for each chore they complete.

2. Fun at the park

Choose an activity that you enjoy and get the child involved. To make it more interesting, do it at a park near your home. Whether it is jogging, yoga, trekking, or cycling, while it is great for your health, it is just as good for bonding. Alway present new challenges for your child by imposing time limits, or competing to see who can finish faster. Compensate their efforts at the end of it with a healthy snack.

3. Visit an exhibit and art gallery

There are many art events taking place all year round in the big cities and not just those in the Klang Valley. What makes this more interesting is that some of them do not require an entry fee at all and even run for an extended period. Take this time to improve your appreciation, as well as your child’s appreciation of art by visiting these exhibits. Discover some of the works of old and new local artists and support the growth of this nation’s fine arts industry. You can also visit the museums to build your child’s general knowledge of history.

4. Workshops

For those of you who share similar interests with your child, look for workshop activities such as public speaking, handicraft, sewing, or sports. You can even try volunteer work that will help your child build a positive character and help them appreciate the privileges they were blessed with.