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Darlie Sonic Clean Toothbrush
Darlie Sonic Clean Toothbrush

Darlie Sonic Clean Toothbrush



      A powered-up smile begins with Darlie Sonic Clean. Experience elevated cleanliness and satisfaction as Darlie Sonic Clean combines 24,000 micro-vibrations* per minute and imported 0.01mm# spiral bristles to bring you 400%^ extra-deep cleansing.


      • 24,000 micro-vibrations* per minute
      • Imported 0.01mm# spiral bristles
      • 400%^ extra-deep cleansing

      Take your tooth brushing to the next level

      8 powerful features, 1 powered toothbrush.


      24,000 Micro-Vibrations*/Min

      A powerful yet gentle on gum tooth brushing sensation.

      Spiral Bristles

      0.01mm# Spiral Bristles

      Effortlessly reaches in-between teeth and tough-to-access areas.

      Extra Deep Cleansing

      400%^ Extra-Deep Cleansing

      Enhanced cleaning efficacy.

      2-Minute Timer Indication

      Vibration pauses automatically after 2 minutes for better control of brushing time.


      Interior compartment is tightly sealed to prevent water from getting in.

      23mm Compact Brush Head

      Allows for better comfort and easier access.

      Low Noise Level

      Noise level is less than 42dB for a pleasant tooth brushing experience.

      Lightweight Toothbrush

      Only approximately 24gm in weight.


      *Motor moves at 12,000rpm with each revolution producing 2 single-direction strokes.

      #Bristle tip is less than 0.01mm

      ^Refers to imported spiral bristles as compared to Darlie general charcoal tapered-bristle toothbrushes.

      Suggested retail selling price.

      Switch it to stay switched on.

      Actual product colours may vary.

      Toothbrush Head Replacement

      Switch off the toothbrush. Then, remove the brush head above the silver ring, and slot in the new brush head.

      Battery Replacement

      Switch off the toothbrush. Twist open the bottom cap in an anti-clockwise motion and replace a new alkaline AAA battery according to the positive and negative icons. Then, twist the cap shut.