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Darlie Double Action Fresh & Clean Toothpaste
Darlie Double Action Fresh & Clean Toothpaste

Darlie Double Action Fresh & Clean Toothpaste



      Darlie Double Action Toothpaste is infused with 100% natural mint essence^ and a formula that can kill 99.9% oral bacteria#


      • With 100% natural mint essence^ for long-lasting fresh breath.
      • Reduces dental plaque and cleanses teeth.
      • Prevents cavity and strengthens teeth.

      Did you know?
      Your mouth is home to millions of bacteria, which causes you to have bad breath!

      Darlie ward off bacteria halitosis

      Have fresher breath & healthier mouth with our 100% Natural Mint Essence^ formula

      Natural Mint Essence Double Mint Freshness Original Strong Mint Mintiness 5 out of 6
      kill 99.9% bacteria oral health

      With a formula that can
      kill 99.9% oral bacteria#,
      Darlie Double Action will sure keep all the yucky
      bacteria at bay!

      What's halitosis?

      Halitosis is a clinical term for bad breath.

      It’s the unpleasant odour in your mouth that you definitely don’t want to have. Ew!

      What are the causes of halitosis?

      1. Poor Oral Hygiene

      Improper brushing and flossing can leave behind an accumulation of food debris that can rot and harbour bacteria causing your breath to smell.

      2. Dietary preferences

      The food you consume can impact your breath. Strong odour foods like spices or garlic can linger in your mouth, while coffee can dry off the mouth causing bacteria to stay around for longer.

      3. Nasal infections

      Infections in your throat or nose can also contribute to bad breath. When bacteria feeds on excessive mucus it produces a foul-smell causing you to have bad breath.

      Source: Silva, M., Leite, F., Ferreira, L., Pola, N., Scannapieco, F., Demarco, F. and
      Nascimento, G., 2017. Estimated prevalence of halitosis: a systematic review
      and meta-regression analysis. Clinical Oral Investigations.

      Want to know if you’ve got bad breath?

      Easy 3-step oral care routine:

      brush tooth darlie


      Brush at least twice a day, with a pea-sized amount of toothpaste.
      Use Darlie Wide Clean Charcoal for a total cleansing experience!

      floss flossing darlie


      Floss once a day before you sleep to get rid of the in-between gunks!

      rinse gargle mouth health fresh


      Rinse with water or mouthwash after every meal if you’re unable to brush.

      Darlie Double Action Toothpaste

      Infused with 100% Natural Mint Essence^ and a formula that can kill 99.9% oral bacteria#.

      1Refers to strengthening of the enamel layer on the tooth surface.
      ^Based on Callisons USA source.
      #Based on the anti-bacterial efficacy test result of Darlie Double Action series toothpastes showed more than 99.9% reduction of oral bacteria.

      Bad Breath
      Bad Breath
      Darlie Double Action Toothpaste
      Best For
      • tick
        Mint lovers
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        Reduce the strong taste of food
      • tick
        Long lasting freshness
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        Control plaque build-up