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Heart to Heart, From One Mother to Another Mother

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Heart to Heart, From One Mother to Another Mother

Each day, the journey to becoming a mother is an experience. There are many mothers around us who can show us the ropes, which is something we can be thankful for. The guidance and knowledge they can share is highly invaluable. Not to mention the help they can offer as you face the unceasing chaos of managing your child and your home. We should appreciate this support system between women who are there for you when you least expect it. When other mothers are in need, always be ready to lend a helping hand because there will come a time when you will need them too, be it physically or financially. Honest help will ask for nothing in return. However, well wishes should be in order to reciprocate at the very least.

Whenever other mothers visit you and ask how you are doing, accept their presence with an open heart. There is no need for cynicism and negative impressions, considering their well-meaning intentions. Even if it was otherwise, carrying a positive vibe can change any mischievous heart as they enter your life. Sometimes, fellow mothers are around for leisure, but they may also be there to show how much they care for your wellbeing as you transition into this new phase of life.

For those seeking help, be open to receive advice. While we may sometimes feel anxious thinking about surging problems, put on a smile as you receive input from your friends so that they know you value what they have to say and not cause them to feel like it is futile. Help will not always be there and appreciate the gravity of everything you are experiencing at this very moment. No one can watch their fellow mothers fret over their family problems. This can be as simple as listening to them vent their troubles. Even this is good enough to put their worried minds at ease.

As a good friend, give space to those who are overwhelmed with worries to think. Do not force others into applying your advice and suggestions before getting a grasp on the root of the issues. What is best for your family may not necessarily be suitable for the culture and teachings of another family. Between those who offer and receive advice, always have patience so that the friendship will continue to last. Remember that every one of us comes from a different background and from different families. Everyone has their own way of interpreting and resolving their problems. Mutual respect is the key for us to press on harmoniously and maintain long-lasting friendships.